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Winner, Best Film at Gen-Con; Winner, Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film at Burbank International Film Festival; Official Selection at Cleveland International Film Festival; Official Selection at Laughlin International Film Festival; Official Selection at Beloit International Film Festival; Official Selection at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival; Official Selection at Annual Drive-In Film Festival

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Get Ready…For the Ride of Your Life!

The Story

For generations there have been all kinds of wild rumors surrounding gangster Al Capone’s hidden fortune and the mysterious amusement park he built. When three kids sneak into the rundown park on the hunt for Capone’s loot, the attractions come life and take the kids on a wild and dangerous ride beyond all imagination. Now to survive the night, they must team up with a friendly sea witch, find a secret underground ride and take on an evil mermaid, bloodthirsty pirates, a fire-breathing dragon and an armada of monsters. And all on a school night!

*This Family/Adventure/Comedy/Fantasy is 87 minutes

*This film is rated PG

*This film is distributed by Gravitas Ventures


"Thrill Ride" is a Mason's Movies Production


About Mason's Movies

Mason’s Movies is named after writer-director Chris Parrish and co-producer Ilisa Aaron Parrish’s son, Mason Parrish, a natural storyteller whose gift of understanding the elements of good storytelling emerged early. When he passed away at the age of ten from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG, a rare form of pediatric brain cancer, he left behind dozens of notebooks filled with imagined original characters, drawings and stories. The only thing Mason loved more than telling stories was his family and helping others.

Mason thought of the idea for “Thrill Ride” after seeing the movie “Night at the Museum” with his father, Chris Parrish, a screenwriter with credits in film and television. Mason thought the movie was good but museums are boring. “Why couldn’t it have taken place in an amusement park?” He asked. Mason also thought that a kid should have been the hero.

Chris loved the idea and the two immediately began brainstorming. It was an activity they engaged in frequently. Neither one were big athletes. Fathers and sons play catch, but for Chris and Mason their catch was pitching ideas to each other for stories. They kept doing that even when Mason became ill.

Mason once asked his father, “When I grow up, can we make movies together?” Chris said, “Of course.” Making “Thrill Ride” is Chris’ way of keeping that promise. In December of 2013, the first few scenes were shot and production resumed in November of 2014 with the generous support of executive producer and Chicago-area philanthropist Vincent Foglia.

Proceeds from the film will go toward The Mason Parrish Foundation, a 501c3 charitable corporation with the goal of supporting DIPG research.

Please click HERE for more information about The Mason Parrish Foundation.

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Thrill Ride

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